Rice Krispies Snack!

Being in Perth, my cousins are at school at this time so I don’t have much to do so I was on the Internet looking up easy, quick sweet recipes, kind of like the stuff you find at your school bakesale, if they have on at yours. So I found this delicious recipe! Enjoy ūüôā
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

1 1/2 table spoons of butter
20 Marshmellows
3-3/12 cups of Rice Krispies/Rice Bubbles
Hundreds and Thousands (optional)
Cutting board
Some sort of cooking spray/baking paper/butter to grease tray

1. Over a low flame, melt some butter. When melted, add some Marshmellows, stirring until melted. The consistency shouldn’t be like a soup.

2. When done, remove from flame and allow to cool. Once cooled, add in Rice Krispies and mix with the spoon until well coated.

3. Taking a greased/buttered/baking paper lined baking tray, spoon mixture onto it. I used a square baking tray. Use the spatula or your fingers to flatten it and shape it to fit the tray, or if the tray’s too big, shape it yourself.

4. Sprinkle hundreds and thousands to make it look prettier and have more colour. (optional)

5. Place it in fridge for 20 seconds. Remove it and place onto a cutting board. Chop it into 2inchx2inch pieces or to your liking.



Hi everyone!

I am back in Perth and recently I have been shopping at an outlet of a store called Supr√© and the clothes are amazing there! ūüôā anyways I don’t really have much to say about Perth because I have written about Perth many,many times so I’d basically be repeating myself.


PS. A delicious recipe coming up!

News Update

Hello my readers!

Tomorrow I’m going back to Perth so I am going to try and write lots of posts and stories about my time in Perth. I think this is going to be the third time that I have written about the beautiful city so stay tuned!


PS. If you are into tumblr, check out mine. It’s http://harajukudollz.tumblr.com

Essential Japanese Words


I recently came back from the beautiful city of Tokyo, it really is amazing! But that is another story.

You see, in Tokyo, not many people speak English and if they do, it probably isn’t very good. I can’t speak much Japanese but this was enough to help me get around. In Tokyo, my family and I stayed at my mum’s friend’s house and they aren’t Japanese but they can speak a bit and they taught me a little so I have to give them credit! ūüėÄ I don’t know how to spell it correctly but I’m just gonna write it like how it’s pronounced.


Hello – Ko-nee-chuu-wa

Good morning (formal) – Oh-hi-yo Go-zai-mass

Thanks – Ari-gah-tow or Domo Ari-gah-tow

Bye – Sigh-yo-nara

Shopping Mall – Shopping-gu More-ru

Bus – Bus-su

Train Station – Tet-sew-do No-way-key

Restaurant – Res-to-ran

Bank – Ging-kow


Hope those are enough! If you need anymore words just comment or email yazzyland.wordpress@gmail.com and I’ll reply ASAP! ūüôā





Rice Noodles                                                              Fish Tofu (It should be Yellow/Beige on the outside)

Bean Sprouts                                                              Half a Carrot

2 or 3 eggs                                                                  Tamarind or Tamarind Paste

Brown Sugar                                                               Fish Sauce

Salt                                                                               Soy Sauce

Prawns or Pork, your choice!                                     Garlic

Lime                                                                              Chives


1. Cut the Fish tofu into squares or rectangles

2. Grate the Carrot

3. Chop the Garlic into very small pieces

4. Chop the Chives into 3 center meter long pieces

5. Soak the rice noodles and bean sprouts in  water

6. Crack the eggs, whip them until the Yolk has broken, it doesn’t need to be whipped much!

7. If you’re using Prawns, peel them. If you’re using Pork, cut them into cubes. Season both with a bit of pepper and salt.


~You don’t need much of this!~ If you don’t want to make it, buy tamarind paste, you only need a teaspoon of paste.

To make the Tamarind sauce, first pound the tamarind. Next, over a stove, put some room temperature water into the stove and place the tamarind inside. Add 3 tablespoons of Sugar and 1 1/2 tablespoons of Fish Sauce. Add a dash of salt and a teaspoon of soy sauce. Wait for it to heat up. Taste it! It should have a sharp, sweet, sour and a little bit salty taste. If you don’t like it, add more sugar or something until you are satisfied.


The Cooking Bit! USING A WOK!  Cook on a medium flame.

1. Put in 2-3 tablespoons of¬†vegetable oil, it’s going to be used for everything, so don’t worry about unhealthy ūüėČ

2. Chuck in the  garlic and wait until it turns a bit golden, then add in the meat (prawn or pork) and wait until it is cooked.

3. Remove it and place it in a bowl but don’t turn off the fire! Next add the Eggs in and scramble them.

4. Remove and place in a bowl again!

5. Cook the tofu until it turns golden, should take about 2-3 minutes

5. Pour in about 2 cups of water and add the noodles in, let it sit for about a minute then add in the tamarind sauce/paste.

6. Add some soy sauce and a tablespoon of fish sauce.

7. Put in the things you cooked before! (Eggs, Meat and Tofu)

8. Stir and add in Beansprouts, grated carrots and chives. Don’t forget to season!

9. Mix it around the wok and keep tasting.

10. For the Final Part, Taste, Add half a lime juice and (add crushed peanuts and chilli! (optional))

10. If it tastes good and you like it turn off the fire and serve when ready! It tastes best when you just finished cooking it!

Enjoy ūüėÄ

UPDATE: Blog of Randomness

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe tomorrow is 2012! There are rumours that the world will end on December 31st 2012 so I guess that¬†2012 is the time to find out ūüėÄ

Where am I know? You may wonder, well I am in¬†Pattaya which is a bit outside of¬†Bangkok which is¬†the capital city. I’m at my most favourite hotel (this is the first time I’ve been here). It’s called Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya. It’s really cool because it has a rock and roll theme and there are many important artifacts (real, of course) to the¬†world of rock and roll! They have the original¬†Michael Jackson¬†suit, The Supremes’ dress and many more. The pool is so awesome it’s really big! The rooms are really cool too they have¬†pictures of famous bands and singers from the 70’s to 90’s!

On Tuesday, I am off to Taipei which is in Taiwan so when I get back, I shall write about the interesting city of Taiwan!

Such a busy year next year!¬†I’m going to be visiting many places like Japan, Taiwan and Perth¬† (again!) so expect some stories ūüôā

Anyways, wishing all of you the best for the coming year ♥


Merry Christmas! :) ‚ô•

Hey everyone!

Merry Christmas 2011, this year went by so fast didn’t it?

This is my second year on wordpress and I have been so happy that my blog has gotten so many views, comments and likes over the year!

I would personally like to wish all of you a very merry new year filled with love, prosperity and hope ‚ô•

Get ready for this blog to be bigger, better and more exciting than ever next year!

Stay tuned!

Yasmin ‚ô•